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    What you want. How you want it. Only better than you expected.

    What you want. How you want it. Only better than you expected.

    That was the dream of the founders of the Manhattan Meat Market. In June 2017, five friends opened the doors to this friendly, specialty butcher shop. It’s the kind of shop you can walk into and tell the butcher to cut an extra thick ribeye or ask for some help in how to prepare a special treat for friends and family.

    Most of all, Manhattan Meat Market is about premium meat products with a story. High quality food that comes from the heartland – most of it local, some of really, really local.

    Over the last year, the Manhattan Meat Market team has collaborated with local farmers and ranchers to bring products to our community you can’t find in the grocery store. Premium beef raised by the best in the industry. Heritage breed pork with a richness that’s unique. Lamb from a neighbor, bison from over the hill, and goat from up the road. It’s all part of the plan to bring Kansas agriculture to dinner plates across Kansas.

    In addition to these local products, Manhattan Meat Market carries fresh and unique seafood, local and exotic cheeses, charcuterie and more. Manager Dustin Downie and former chef/Assistant Manager Eli Neal work as a team to provide customers both the product they need and the help they want to satisfy the pickiest or the hungriest.

    One of the strongest assets of the Manhattan Meat Market is a partnership with Braveheart Beef. Braveheart Black Angus Beef® redefines premium beef, setting a higher bar for quality, tenderness and taste.

    Braveheart Beef was developed by the Beef Marketing Group headquartered right here in Manhattan. This Kansas product starts with cattle born on family farms in the U.S. and raised in the Midwest with an emphasis on humane practices and sustainability.

    Manhattan Meat Market is the only local retail store in the country to offer Braveheart Beef directly to the consumer. Typically found in high-end restaurants such as Manhattan’s very own Harry’s Restaurant, Braveheart Black Angus Beef® stands out from the rest because it was designed to exceed expectations. Aged a minimum of 21 days, this beef is among the best you’ll put on your grill.

    Through its unique PathProven® program, Braveheart delivers a standard of excellence focused on four critical areas of importance: Taste, Quality, Trim and Consistency. DNA technology allows for 100% traceability back to the individual animal at the feed yard.

    The Manhattan Market Meat wants to serve as your local butcher, cutting your mouthwatering Braveheart steaks exactly to your liking and sending you home with the finest beef your grill has ever seen. Visit the Manhattan Meat Market today at 307 S. Seth Child, Manhattan, KS or at www.mhkmeats.com.

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