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    Manufacturer: Braveheart Beef

    Sirloin Steak: Braveheart

    SKU: 400000000466
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    Filet Center-Cut: Braveheart

    The most tender beef cut. This highly-marbled, melt-in-your-mouth steak comes from the short loin and possesses amazing texture and rich beef flavor.

    KC Strip: Braveheart

    This flavorful cut of meat is ideal for grilling and is a favorite of steak lovers. This cut contains good marbling and a strong beefy flavor. It is similar to a porterhouse or a T-bone steak, but without the filet or tenderloin attached.

    Ribeye PRIME: Braveheart

    Highly marbled and known for rich flavor and tenderness, the ribeye is perhaps the most tender, juicy, and flavorful cut of meat.

    Porterhouse: Braveheart

    This Braveheart cut is the "King of Steaks." The Porterhouse is cut from the end of the short loin and includes the entire portion of strip loin and the tender filet mignon.

    T-Bone: Braveheart

    A combination of strip steak and tenderloin filet, connected by a t-shaped bone. The T-bone steak is very similar to the porterhouse but generally contains a smaller tenderloin filet.