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    A Pledge of Superiority

    A Pledge of Superiority

    With unsurpassed taste and tenderness, the Manhattan Meat Market, your locally owned butcher shop, is a proud provider of Allegiance premium pork.  Allegiance pork is the highest level of fresh pork available in the United States and comes from the top 20 percent of hogs available in the U.S., raised from a southern Nebraska family farm and a single-source packer.  Allegiance Premium Pork is 100% all-natural, with each hog being raised on local farmer-grown corn diets which contribute to beautiful marbling and superior flavor, juiciness, and tenderness.

    The Manhattan Meat Market offers an experience like no other in the area.  Nowhere else can you pull up to the front door and within seconds be faced with the highest quality, great marbling, and fork-tender, delicious tasting meat – all making for an incredible eating experience!

    “We’ve got an exceptional variety of Allegiance products in the store.  Whether you’re buying for one or one hundred, we can help,” shared Dustin Downie, Manager. “Tenderloin, ribs, loin, butt…you name it, we’ve got it.”

     What cut is best for your grill?  A glimpse at our Allegiance premium pork:

    Pork Butt

    Great for barbeque and roasting opportunities

    Boneless Pork Loin

    Hand-selected for specific lean color and marbling characteristics. 1/8” fat trim, makes for a wonderful roast

    Boneless Pork Chop

    Hand-cut in the shop from our boneless loin, this chop makes for amazing flavor and tenderness

    Bone-In Pork Chop

    If you prefer a bone-in chop, these cut-to-order chops will make your day

    St Louis-style Ribs

    Meaty and trimmed well, these ribs make for a great afternoon spent with the smoker

    Pork Tenderloin

    This lean tenderloin is trimmed of excess fat and is hand-selected to meet precise color and tenderness requirements

    “Our goal at the market is do much more than sell you meat,” said Eli Neal, former chef/Assistant Manager.  “We can tell you everything from where your meat originated, guidance on the best cut and quantity for your occasion, as well as lessons on meat preparation and cooking instructions.” 

    The Manhattan Meat Market wants to serve as your local butcher, serving up premium meats with beautiful marbling, and superior flavor.  Visit the Manhattan Meat Market today at 307 S. Seth Child, Manhattan, KS or at www.mhkmeats.com.

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